Launching Lupa Organic

We’re launching a new range of Lupa Organic certified lines with clean ingredient lists, carefully sourced from around the world to meet the latest consumer trends and offering excellent value for money. The Lupa Organic range has a strong identity featuring the Royal Warrant. The first lines to launch in the Lupa Organic range are four quick cook grain mixes.

The range addresses the healthier eating and wellness trends with a select range of organic grains and pulse mixes which are, nutritious, convenient to use and offer outstanding value for money. The products have a clear range identity under new Lupa Organic branding, distinct from the long-established core range, and include the Royal Warrant on packs.

About the range

  • Strong range Lupa Organic identity with Royal Warrant endorsement.
  • Organic certified, suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Unique GEO Cook all natural steaming process locks in flavours whilst giving low (5 minute) consumer cook time.
  • Meets consumer needs for healthier, more nutritious products.
  • High fibre, high protein, low fat, low salt.
  • Clean ingredients declarations.
  • Excellent value for money 4 portion pack.
  • RSP £2.49

For more information on this range in retail or bulk formats please contact your account manager.