Introducing two alternative pasta ranges

Vegetable pasta and other pasta substitutes are an emerging trend for consumers looking for free from, low carb or higher protein alternatives to conventional pasta. That’s why we are excited to introduce two new ranges of ‘alternative’ pastas from our Italian partner Dalla Costa: three organic 100% vegetable pastas and a range of blended pastas.

Dalla Costa was founded in 1993 on the experience, knowhow and passion accumulated over three generations in pasta manufacture. From the outset, the key differentiator for Dalla Costa was their commitment to working in special pasta shapes with a variety of semolinas and flours whilst combining a traditional style of production with the latest technology and processes.

Two new ranges

  • The Healthy choice: a certified organic & vegan range of bean pastas made with only one ingredient (peas, red lentils or chickpeas) and a high content of fibre and protein. The range consists of three different recipes and shapes. With a high content of fibre & protein, the pastas are low fat, low in salt and cholesterol free. They are a good source of potassium and iron per serving and are produced in Italy.
  • The “Harmony” selection: a blend of durum wheat with a variety of legumes and cereals to achieve a product that combines the best of both features thanks to the selection of high quality ingredients and the expertise of a 3 generations pasta making.

About the ranges

  • Address key market trends towards clean label ingredient substitutions – ranked as the top priority amongst consumers in a recent Mintel survey on free from foods with a 61% ranking. High protein and high fibre were other key motivators to consumers in the Mintel survey
  • Cater for the continued resurgence of organic and the increasing popularity of new and different forms of pasta.
  • Not targeted specifically at the free-from sector as this remains a small subset of the market – pitched at pasta category buyers / non buyers to offer a genuine premium alternative.
  • Focus on selections and blends of popular and appealing ingredients to maximise appeal.
  • Offer a premium, accessible core store cupboard ingredient to discerning scratch cooks.
  • Made from high quality ingredients which perform as closely as possible to quality traditional pasta in a finished dish.

Again, for more information on these exciting ranges please contact your account manager.